Sunday, December 4, 2016

Tweet Chats 101

What is a tweet chat? Updated 5/22/2018
Tweet chats are Twitter conversations that occur at a set time on a predetermined topic. All tweets are labeled with a designated hashtag and followed by searching the hashtag. As hashtags can be used by anyone, there are no limitations on who can join.

How do I prepare for the chat?
Make sure your Twitter pic and profile represent you in a manner you wish to be represented. Your Twitter profile will serve as an unspoken introduction during the chat. For tips on completing your profile, click here. In terms of preparing for the topic of a tweet chat, that will depend on the chat topic and your goals for the chat. Often no preparation is needed.

How do I follow so many tweets?
To participate in a tweet chat, search the hashtag in Twitter's native search function, then click on the “latest tweets” tab to see the most recent tweets. In this view, the chat tweets are displayed in reverse chronological order.

How do I participate?
In order for your tweets to be considered part of the tweet chat, they must include the designated hashtag. When you author a tweet in the search view described above, the hashtag is automatically entered into your tweet. When quote tweeting or replying to a tweet, you must manually add the hashtag.

Is there any etiquette I should be aware of?
  • You may want to quote tweet the announcement for the chat, with a note to your followers that your tweets will be increased during the upcoming hour.
  • Be sure to introduce yourself at at the start of the chat. Even if you plan to lurk.”

Any final tips?
Have fun! Don’t be afraid to chime in or simply follow along. (Both are encouraged!) Tweet chats can move along quickly. Most tweet chats later post the complete transcript, which can be more carefully digested and followed up on after the tweet chat.

by @LoggheMD